About Us
Montrose Secam Limited is a UK company based near London which designs and manufactures innovative electronics products.   With over 25 years’ experience in the electronics industry, Montrose Secam has pioneered a number of high-tech and ecologically-friendly products – such as energy- saving microprocessor lighting modules; super-bright, long-life LED lighting; and self-test emergency lighting.

The directors of the company are James Cosgrave and Hugh Pearson.

James Cosgrave started his career as a ‘bush pilot’ in Africa, later becoming a career airline pilot ending up on wide body jets.   He decided to leave professional aviation early in order to go into business and jointly started Montrose Secam.  He has considerable knowledge in the field of electronics design within the commercial electronics world.

Hugh Pearson has over twenty-five years of electronics experience starting with the formation of his own security company where he gained first-hand knowledge of the design and installation of microprocessor controlled security systems.   Hugh runs the R&D part of Montrose Secam and has first-hand experience of electronics design and assembly.

Assistive Mouse Adapter Background

The Assistive Mouse Adapter was originally invented by IBM researcher James Levine at the TJ Watson Lab. in the United States.   James Levine had seen how one of his own close relatives who had a tremor condition struggled to use a computer at home and was inspired to improve the situation for him and millions of other tremor sufferers around the world.

In 2004 IBM secured a global licensing agreement with Montrose Secam Limited to manufacture the Assistive Mouse Adapter (AMA) One of the Directors of Montrose Secam – James Cosgrave – also has a personal reason for getting involved with the project – he suffers from a condition called Essential Tremor (ET) which affects his hands.

Essential Tremor is a movement disorder with symptoms of involuntary shaking.   Areas affected often include the hands, arms, head and voice box. Most people are able to live normal lives with this condition, but they often find that everyday activities such as eating, writing or controlling the cursor on a computer screen are very challenging.

James first heard about IBM’s invention of the Mouse Adapter Technology in 2004, in a Newsletter from the International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF).  IBM provided James with a prototype adapter and he was so impressed with its potential that he entered into an agreement with IBM to take the technology to market.

He has now been using a production version of the Assistive Mouse Adapter (AMA) for over 5 years and most recently has seen the 2011 development of the latest AMA in the form of the New USB Version.  This new USB version of the Assistive Mouse adapter is now available to meet the requirements of very many tremor sufferers throughout the world.

Montrose Secam is also developing other assistive pointing devices using IBM’s proven technology.

James now hopes that his own enthusiasm for assistive devices can benefit other sufferers of tremor conditions:  “because of my personal background I feel huge enthusiasm for promoting the mouse adapter and other assistive devices.   By working with IBM and bringing these products to market I hope that anyone who suffers from such a frustrating condition can benefit and be able to use a computer just like anyone else”.